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The secret of a good chef

Wether you are a professional chef or just an enthusiast who loves preparing fine meals at home a perfectly sharpened, pefectly balanced knife can dramatically improve your skills. 

That is why we take our time when crafting our knives, it takes 50 long days to create this masterpiece. We use ancient Japanese swordsmithing techniques to create a perfectly balanced sharp knife.  

You can find all this and much more in our Hanzo Katana Range of Chef's knifes. 

All masters today, were starters yesterday, so start now! Get hold of a Hanzo Katana and become the master of your kitchen!

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Sharp edge

Perfect balance

Lifetime Warranty 

The Katana Series Chef's Knife Blade

  • 67 layers of stainless steel around a VG10 core increases strength and reduces flexing
  • edge lasts 4x longer between sharpening so you spend more time being creative
  • made from high carbon steel so it's razor sharp yet it won't rust
  • hand crafted and hand sharpened. It takes 50 days to make a Hanzo
  • 100% Japanese steel for durability and strength
  • razor sharp out of the box
  • blade is thicker towards the front than at the bolster, transmitting cutting force forward
  • you don't need to worry about keeping it oiled, just wipe it down and you're done
  • super thin blade for accurate cutting that is super strong so it won't twist or bend

The Katana Series Chef's Knife Handle

  • military grade G10 material will not split, break or shatter
  • very comfortable to hold. feels natural in your hand
  • firm feel. no twisting or slipping in the hand
  • extra space under the handles to protect knuckles from hitting the board
  • pommel is great for smashing food like garlic and it's angled for safety so that the blade points away from you
  • anti-slip safety feature under the handle holds your fingers in place

Lifetime warranty

  •  our knives are designed to last a lifetime - yes we provide a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
  • excellent Hanzo customer service  

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Hanzo Katana knives were created out of the desire to bring Japanese knifemaking tradition into the hands of top chefs and home cooks alike without department store markups. Our imported Japanese high-carbon steel is manufactured to exacting standards for the perfect balance, sharpness, and experience. Hanzo knives inspire confidence and creativity by becoming an extension of the user.  

Hanzo Katana believes in bringing this exemplary design to all so we removed the middleman and sell directly to you from our manufacturer.  

The Result : Great Knifes at Great Prices

Our customer experience team is ready to handle any questions you may have, provide exciting new recipes and ensure that you get the very most from your Hanzo Katana.  

On behalf of the entire team, welcome to Hanzo.

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